Sanguinem et Honoris

The beginning, with Dale.

The area around you is flourished with greenery, and you suddenly jerk awake from the cart. Your wrists are bound, but your feet are not. Guards are in the horse drawn wagon with you, along with a couple other prisoners that look as though they came from playing in mud. One of them looks quite elegant, despite the blood and mud covering her body. She is wearing little to no armor, and so are you, as it is quest on the ride. It is bright, mid-afternoon as the road looks heavy with activity. You have no idea how you go there, and you have a faint headache.

Bason leaned his head back against the bars of the cart, it wasn’t the first time he had been in cuffs, but he never thought that he would be in them again. Closing his eyes he felt the ruts in the ground and the weight of the heavy irons strapped to his wrists. “Divine power, locked up in chains,” he mumbled to himself. The prisoners pay him no attention, one guard looking at him with an unfamiliarity. He notice that he’s in no place recognizable, and see no one carrying the same religious mark as you. The elegant woman acros from you holds an arrogant stance, her jaw jutted ot as she’s slightly thrown forward (as th rest of the prisoners on her side) from one of the wheels sinking into a hole and then bouncing out. “You would think someone who was on the roads all day would have better driving skills” She says this loudly on purpose, shooting a glare at the driver as one of the guards gives her a look, “Quiet, thief.”

The Holy Gun look around at the cart, trying to judge the height of the mobile prison he was in. He notices that it’s not really a cage at all, and can see from the obvious that it’s more of a wooden cart than anything, little to no effort was made to conceal the group because of the impression that you would know better. The elegant woman looks over to him with curiosity, leaning forward and says with a light tone, “So why are you in here, eh?” She gives a smirk. Another sigh escapes his lips as he looks at the woman across from him, “That’s the problem, I don’t remember.”

Standing, the black haired man gently bounced his head off the roof of the wagon, “That wasn’t the best move I’ve made.” Walking up to the bars the Gun of Justice called to the guard as he flipped up his eye patch with his bound hands. “Oi, I’m a holy gun of the order of Lomedea, I would like to know why I’m in here, and I want to be set free.”

One guard doesn’t look to the other and opens his mouth to explain to you what happened, before a hand approaches the back of his head and the noobie is sent flying forward into the cage. He gives out a yelp, the other guard looking at you with a much higher ferocity. “Nice try, buddy. We’ll explain everything when we get to the execution.” He hen quiets and gives you no more information. The woman, however, takes this opportunity and says, “When I was picked up you were unconscious and bleeding from your forehead. Looks like a flesh wound though.” She gives another smirk, before her eyes flicker over to the city that you’re being brought into. There is a large crowd of awaiting eyes to see your death, and before you can have much time to react, the cart is pulled to a halt and they both are shoved out. Bason and the woman are second to last ina orderly, lined fashion and the city smells of dirt, sweat, defecation and blood. Where it was from the corpses or the crowd, it’s unknown. The woman begins to talk once more, “You wanna see a trick?”

“Unconscious and bleeding from my head, eh?” Bason was genuinely confused, there was nothing he could think of that he could have done to warrant a bloody death at the hands of the local magistrate. Reaching up and flipping his eye patch back down, he sighed once more and stood up to his full height. His slim body not making much an imposing picture, but somehow he managed to look the part of a holy warrior even with his hands chained together. Talking in a hushed voice to the woman the Gun whispered, “The only trick I’d like to see is you getting us out of these irons.”

She smirked and she leaned in and whispered, “Take a look at my wrists.” Trying not to let his surprise show, Bason’s lips twitched, “Don’t know how you did it love, but you’re good.”

“Don’t thank me yet.” She said as her wrists appeared to be binded. She looked at one of the guards that was in front of her and to the left, keys dangling from his side and his hand resting on the edge of his sword. Slowly, she made her way to the guard and slipped her fingers casually against the loop and tried to pull it off without any notice. The guard feels the keys move and he quickly turns around. In response, she stands up straight and gives a smirk. He gives an angered look, and her hands come up to put a finger to his lips, “Sh sh, I’m about to die, can’t I have a kiss?” THe guard gives a smirk and closes his eyes, her fingers looping the keys once more as she gave him a quick peck. The keys ar silently pulled from the man, and she sticks them in her slave’s shirt and pulls away back in line. With the guard turning once more, she pulled out the key and unlocked his chains. “You know where to go are am I going to have help you with that too, stranger?” He takes a look around for anything that seemed familiar.

He comes to the conclusion that it’s a small town on the outskirts of a city that is full of rich snobs, leaving nothing for the poor that has surrounded it. It is a trading town, not much has gone on, and that where he was last located, he’s about thirty miles North of where he should actually be. He rubbed his wrists, the irons had been heavy and unpleasant, just like last time. “I know where we are, but I don’t look like me, and I have non of my weapons. If you help me out here love, I’ll repay my debt to you. You have my word as a Holy Gun of the Order of Lamedea.”

“Yeah?” She said with a raised eyebrow, “You wanna get out of here quietly or with a bang? I’m in the mood for a finale.” She gave a wicked grin. A grin of his own spread over Bason’s face as he cracked his knuckles, “Time for a bit o’fun then, eh?”

“I never liked the way they put me in the chains, so I’m in for a bit of fun.” With the prisoners dwindling to the last one before them, the guard finally turns and notices the predicament at hand. “Hey! You!” He unsheathes his sword, which is not as sharp as it should be. “Two escapees!” There is a Oohing of the crowd as the woman takes a sharp look at him and attempts to tackle him. He catches her and shoves her back, throwing his sword down and in response she tries to block. As the blade comes down clumsily, she moves to the side and brings an elbow to the temple. It is a swift attempt, but he is quick and steps aside as well. There is a look of fury in each others eyes, and suddenly she flees as he chases after and leaving Bason left with another guard running towards him and then attempts to his sword.

The guard rushes forward, obviously an untrained man who was given a sword. The Gun slammed his shoulder into the guards forearms, blocking the downward swing, after the block Bason bent his knees and slammed his fist upward into the guards chin. The guard goes flying back, you can hear the teeth clench in protest as he looks quite dazed. His lip is bleeding, and he clumsily holds out his sword. Before you can do anything though, there is a scream of protests and the woman who you thought had abandoned you, came bursting out through the crowd on the back of a horse. She holds out her hands for you to grab onto, not giving you much of an option to think on whether or not you should grab it it. You see behind her a trail of guards.

Looking at the guards and the woman on the horse, Bason turned and ran while reaching out for the womans, he didn’t want to jerk him arm while pulled up. The horse thundered past, and with a heave she pulled him onto the horse. The crowd had been going wild at this point, some rioting a little and cutting off the guards. The only thing you two see are the guards being shown the extreme dislike of the situation, some being executed themselves.

Bason let out a barking laugh and punched the air while gripping the woman’s waist with his left arm, “Well now love, that was fun!”

You can see that her arm is bleeding, but not something too serious as she gives you a smirk while still looking ahead. “Yeah well, I think it’s the least they could do for throwing us to the crowd like that. What’s your name?”

“Aye, giving a horse was very courteous of hem, more so than I expected.” That was hen the Holy Gun realized that he was on the ack of a horse again and wrapped both of his arms around the womans waist, the adrenaline of the moment wearing off and his fear of the beasts returning. “Bason Ashcroft, I’ve said what I am twice already, don’t think I need to repeat that one.”

“Yeah you might jinx it.” She said in response, and she gave him a curious look as to why he was hanging onto her for dear life. She soon let it drop, and then falling quiet as a long time had passed. When the horse finally ran out of steam, it slowed to a walk. She didn’t push this. As soon as the horses speed fell, Bason’s grip relaxed and as soon as it started walking he jumped down and did the same, breathing a sigh of relief as his feet hit the ground. “May I ask your name? I would like to know the name of the second person to save my life.”

“You can call me Ariadne.” She said as she jumped down as well, clumsily. “Yeah by the way I had no idea how to ride a horse. This thing got spooked and my tunic got caught on the saddle and I was dragged so I just climbed on.” She undid the saddle with effort, taking off the bridle and letting the horse break free and into one of the nearby meadows. She gave a sheepish grin to him, “Good thing I was stuck, right?”

“You mean..” Bason took a moment to look at the horse running off. “We were on that thing, and neither of us knew what we were doing?”

“Well it was more like, the only reason why you stayed on was because you hung onto me, and the only reason why I stayed on was because I was stuck.”

The un gave a sheepish grin, “Yeah well, they scare me.” Drawing the rough outline of a sword on his chest, Bason shrugged. “Well I have a debt to repay. You saved my life, and I’ll save yours when the time comes. Want to stick together for a bit then?”

“Yeah I guess.” She said shrugging, giving the notion that it didn’t quite matter to her. “I have a feeling you’ll need me more than you’ll think.”

“Funny, I was thinking the same thing.”



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