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The world around you is falling apart, the Age of Kingdoms is beginning to crumble, and there is little power left to the monarchy. The world is a dangerous place as you are thrown into the environment that one can not do alone, with you and your companions you are going to be battling monsters that you didn’t even know existed; that were legends and myths at the dinner table.

But there is still hope for you.

You are on the journey that will either save the world you once knew, or destroy it completely. Magic is at your fingertips, monsters are at your back, and the people who you thought you could trust, might not be as honorable as you think. In a world that is beginning to weave out the weakest of them all, you better hope that Fate will spare you a passing glance and find you worthy enough to choose from two options:

Blood, or honor.

Home Page

Sanguinem et Honoris jessicaestmagnam